Jesse Dunietz

Jesse Dunietz

Ph.D. Candidate in computer science

I teach computers to understand language. I'm also the founding president of Public Communication for Researchers at CMU, and a 2017 AAAS Mass Media Fellow with SciAm. I'm easily distracted by birds.

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Scientific American

Lawbreaking Particles May Point to a Previously Unknown Force in the Universe

Scientists aren’t yet certain that electrons and their relatives are violating the Standard Model of particle physics, but the evidence is mounting.

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Scientific American

Robotic Exoskeleton Adapts While It's Worn

The decades-old pursuit of bulky, much-hyped Iron Man–like “exosuits” could give way to minimalist technologies more in sync with the human body.

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Scientific American

Nevermore, or Tomorrow? Ravens Can Plan Ahead

Like great apes, the canny corvids seem capable of delaying gratification.

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Scientific American

Light-Powered Computers Brighten AI's Future

Optical computers may have finally found a use—improving artificial intelligence.

Hd aspect 1480723466 gettyimages 107672563 article
Popular Mechanics

How the 404 Error Created the World Wide Web

The 404 error was an obvious innovation, yet the internet you know and love wouldn't be possible without it.

Open uri20160921 4871 15w24vb article

The Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning

Machines keep getting better at picking up patterns – but they always seem to need guidance to tell them which patterns to look for.

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Politicians Need to Understand This Computer Science Concept Better

There are two sides to accuracy, and you can't have them both.

11232 c291b01517f3e6797c774c306591cc32 article

Why Did Obama Just Honor Bug-Free Software?

Margaret Hamilton, recipient of a 2016 Presidential Medal of Honor, represents one of two schools of thought for how to build software.

Landscape 1464015384 elevator article
Popular Mechanics

The Hidden Science of Elevators

How powerful algorithms decide when that elevator car is finally going to come pick you up.​​

1430247622046459 article

The Computer Made of Nothing but Plastic and Marbles

The confounding logic of Dr. NIM

8517 c0cccc24dd23ded67404f5e511c342b0 article

The Most Important Object In Computer Graphics History is This ...

When his wife suggested he create a 3D model of their tea set, Martin Newell made computer science history.

1445523977198465 article

It's Way Too Early to Be Afraid of a Superintelligent AI

Any AI worth fearing will have to be very different from what we're building now

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Scientific American

The Unexpected Dangers of Recreational Counting

Deciphering mathematical card tricks is a wonderful pastime, but it can get you into some bizarre predicaments.

9035 d91fb359652b5c9d9842b11d1c6fada5 article

How Big Data Creates False Confidence

Whatever big data say, they say it more confidently. But that doesn't mean they say what we think.

16064489288 e17abc0d92 o article

The experiment that taught us what “left” really means

Do the laws of physics know their left from their right?