Jesse Dunietz

Jesse Dunietz

Ph.D. Candidate in computer science

I teach computers to understand language. I'm also the founding president of Public Communication for Researchers at CMU, and a 2017 AAAS Mass Media Fellow with SciAm. I'm easily distracted by birds.

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The Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning

Machines keep getting better at picking up patterns – but they always seem to need guidance to tell them which patterns to look for.

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Politicians Need to Understand This Computer Science Concept Better

There are two sides to accuracy, and you can't have them both.

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Why Did Obama Just Honor Bug-Free Software?

Margaret Hamilton, recipient of a 2016 Presidential Medal of Honor, represents one of two schools of thought for how to build software.

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The Most Important Object In Computer Graphics History is This ...

When his wife suggested he create a 3D model of their tea set, Martin Newell made computer science history.

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How Big Data Creates False Confidence

Whatever big data say, they say it more confidently. But that doesn't mean they say what we think.